Why We Run: reaching a goal together

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- They're hundreds of miles apart, but Chris Carr and his father are logging the same miles and running for the same man.

"I think the hardest part for him was probably losing his strength over a couple of years and having just the process of going through different experimental procedures and everything he could to try to fix it," said Carr.

Carr's uncle passed away from cancer a few years ago.Carr and his father are running for the Dana-Farber Boston Marathon team. Chris is a sophomore in college at Bowdoin while his father lives in Maryland.

"The whole family has come together and been extremely supportive through fundraising and just motivating us….We train apart, but we can have this goal together," said Carr.

Driver crashes into pole, abandons scene

BOOTHBAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A part of Butler Road in Boothbay is closed this morning after an accident that happened there around 2:00AM.

Police are trying to find the driver who crashed into a pole, then abandoned his or her car and left the scene. Butler Road isn't a particularly curvy road, but this part of it does have an S-shaped turn. Central Maine Power crews are on scene replacing the pole that was destroyed in the accident. Police say they have a good idea of whom the driver is, but they aren't releasing any details.

CMP crews hope to have the road back open by 7:00 Saturday morning.

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Why won’t my aging parents let me help them?

Why won’t my aging parents let me help them?

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