Nature Conservancy Celebrates Great Maine Outdoor Weekend

Ski, snowshoe, sled or just take a stroll.  Whatever winter revelry you enjoy, The Nature Conservancy invites you to join in celebrating the first annual Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, March 2-4th.

Conservation and community organizations throughout the state will be hosting events designed to encourage Mainers to celebrate wintery weather. The Nature Conservancy is collaborating with local ski mountains as well as sponsoring snowshoe hikes on two of its preserves.

“Our connection to nature is part of what makes Maine such a special place.

International Coin Collectors Show

International Coin Collectors Show

Bath is the next stop on the list for the International Coin Collectors Association’s world tour.  During this event at the Hampton Inn Bath, the ICCA will be purchasing coins, paper currency, gold and silver on behalf of their global network of collectors, dealers and refineries. This special event is free and open to the public. It will be held on Wednesday-Friday (9am – 6pm) Saturday – Sunday (9am – 4pm).

ICCA spokesperson Dennis Couts says, “We hope to spend at least $200,000 while we are in town by purchasing people’s old coin collections, vintage bank notes and scrap gold, silver and diamonds. We buy a lot of class rings, mismatched earrings and broken necklaces. Just a small handful of gold can add up to hundreds of dollars very quickly.

Community Sponsors

Sculptor John Bisbee


John Bisbee is a sculptor known for his work with 12 inch spikes, or nails.  He creates massive installations that can weigh several tons.  Bisbee is also a Lecturer in Art at Bowdoin College.

For more information click here:  JOHN BISBEE


Braving the need to explore

Braving the need to explore

After a weekend of entertaining my most favorite individuals, I rewarded myself with a day off. I decided, to myself, that I needed a day to really explore some of my thoughts, a day to tend to my shopping in a correct manner and a day to just exist without any real pressures. It's been a stressful few months, trying to introduce a business to an area that isn't quite ready for it yet and figuring out that right now, there are some other things that really need my attention. Eat Your Plate, my on-line bake shop venture, was surprisingly, an instant success. The flood of people that became my customers was almost shocking to me. I think a majority of that came from Harvest on the Harbor, an event that showcased my food and my idea extremely well. However, what I do is extremely rare. People who run a business, don't often shop for your ingredients specifically. Most businesses buy in bulk, able to cater to a wider audience and at a much faster rate.

Chicken Hatch Part 3

I was wrong about the eggs!  They are viable!  Yahoo!  Only thing is I had to crack one open to find out... and it had an embryo inside!  I felt terrible since basically I killed it.  I know that all the eggs looked the same so I'm going to press onward with the eggs she has under her and see what happens.  We've got about two weeks to go!