Healing Clinic Benefits People Plus & Mid Coast Hunger

People Plus was transformed on Friday, March 16th as Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy created a warm, inviting environment to welcome over 80 individuals seeking care at the Light Body Free Healing Clinic.

The Light Body Free Healing clinics are Greater Brunswick PT’s way of providing a sampling of free care for people who might not realize how therapeutic and helpful different modalities for healing can be. More than a dozen bodywork professionals donated care including physical therapists and staff from Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy, massage therapists and Reiki masters — all to benefit Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program and People Plus.

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Regional Grant Winners for the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys

The Kennebec Valley Tourism Council (KVTC) would like to congratulate the following recipients of our regional grants. KVTC has established a program to support local tourism promotional initiatives that will enhance the potential of making the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys region a destination. Eligible organizations include Chambers of Commerce; non-profit tourism facilities; boards of trade; and other non-profits that engage in the business of tourism or tourism attraction. Organizations that apply must be a member of the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council for more than one year and in good standings.

The following businesses received awards for fiscal year 2012:

County Fest of Maine

Hallowell Board of Trade

Jackman Chamber of Commerce

Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

Maine International Film Festival

Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce

Main Street Skowhegan

Waterville Maine Street

Waterville Opera House

Movies: "The Hunger Games"

Movies: "The Hunger Games"


I may have been among the last people in the world to see this movie, which has already set all sorts of box office records.  (I may also have been one of, say, six or seven people who saw “John Carter”, but that’s another story.)  Entire battalions of middle and high school students have already massed at the cineplex to enjoy the spectacle of kids killing kids.

Not having read the trilogy of Katniss Everdeen novels by Suzanne Collins, who co-wrote the screenplay with director Gary Ross (“Seabiscuit”) and screenwriter Billy Ray (“State of Play”), I asked my daughter the librarian to accompany me and give me her take on how the movie stacks up against the book.

Gardening with your children.

Gardening with your children.

We've been enjoying this freakish stretch of warm weather and just couldn't resisit getting out into the garden this weekend.  We have decided to give our youngest daughter, Jane her own vegetable plot to plant her very own garden in.   This is a great way to help your children feel invested in their own food production.  We asked her what she wanted to plant and then ordered seeds for her.  It is a little early to put plants in the ground but frost tolerant vegies such as peas can be direct sowed as soon as the ground is workable.  We also noticed that the garlic bulbs we planted last fall are sending up green shoots in all this warmth!  See this LINK for the video we did on that!  Enjoy the warm weather!

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George Winston

Musician George Winston is coming back to Maine for a pair of shows. He'll be performing at Jonathans in Ogunquit this Friday night and at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath on Saturday.  Winston is best known for playing the piano, but he's also an accomplished guitarist and plays harmonica.

For more information on George Winston click here:  GEORGE WINSTON

Man stabbed in neck with scissors

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Police have arrested a man after they say he stabbed another man with a pair of scissors.

Brunswick Police were called to Merrymeeting road shortly before 9:30 Monday night.

They found that 43 year old David Grant, from Brunswick, had been stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors.

Grant was taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland where he's being treated for the wound. He is expected to survive.

About 10 minutes after finding Grant, police say they found the suspect: 46 year old Roger Walker of Brunswick.

He has been arrested on an Elevated Aggravated Assault charge and is locked up at the Cumberland County Jail on $50,000 bail.

So this is where all the good food has been hiding...

So this is where all the good food has been hiding...

I like little gourmet items. Nothing big or fancy. To me, spending $22 bucks on a huge block of parmesan cheese is a splurge. But, one that makes me really happy. Rustic places have always warmed my heart with soulful pieces of culinary delight. Rosemont Bakery on Brighton Ave. in Portland warmed me from head to toe for like an hour today. Just to walk into this place is like sheer heaven. It smells divine. To the right, immediately upon arrival is an array of fresh local vegetables that you wouldn't even imagine could be possible. Beautiful crimini & trumpet mushrooms, artichoke heads which are nice and tight, thick asparagus spears, bountiful herbs. I could go on and on. To the left is the wine with thoughtful notes scattered about which direct you to feel safe buying a nine dollar bottle of wine because they are telling you it drinks like a thirty.