Old fishing wharf collapses in Georgetown, the town is worried about the wreckage.

GEORGETOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Town officials in Georgetown are hoping for some outside help, after an old fishing wharf collapsed into the Kennebec River.

The old Tibbetts wharf at Bay Point fell Monday night. Neighbor Brent Perow told us he heard the crash. He said the wharf was very old, and had been leaning a bit before the collapse.

No one was hurt, and no oil or other pollutants got into the water.

Georgetown Harbormaster George Dufour, however, is worried that the debris from the wharf will pose a threat to other docks or boats if it floats away. Perow, who also has his own lobster dock a short distance from the collapsed wharf, said he has already seen some large timbers floating.

"Two (timbers) this morning," Perow told NEWS CENTER, "one got caught up in the boat here."

Police: Brunswick landlord pointed gun at tenant

BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) - A Brunswick landlord is facing charges for allegedly pointing a shotgun at a tenant he believes stole from him.

Police say 57-year-old Peter Davis is charged with criminal threatening and terrorizing.

Deputy Police Chief Marc Hagan says Davis reported a theft at his residence on Monday and that he believed a tenant who lives in the same building was responsible.

Hagan says Davis called police again on Tuesday, said he was dissatisfied with the speed of the investigation, and that he would handle matters himself.

A short time later, a 21-year-old woman called to say Davis had pointed a shotgun at her face and threatened to kill her with her 1-year-old old and 4-month-old children present.

Davis is out on bail.

Bath minister was part of historical race 60 years ago

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Sixty years ago on this date -- May 6, 1954 – a young man from Maine became part of sports history.

That was the day in England when Roger Bannister became the first racer to run a mile in less than four minutes. The four-minute mile had been one of those seemingly impossible barriers in sports for a number of years, until Bannister broke it by just six-tenths of a second.

Running the race with him was George Dole, from Bath. Dole had started running as a student at Morse High School, then was on the Yale University track team. He was a graduate student at Oxford University in England, and a member of that school's track team at the time of the record-setting race.

How to Recognize a Deer Tick and Protect Yourself Against Lyme Disease

How to Recognize a Deer Tick and Protect Yourself Against Lyme Disease

Deer ticks  — tiny creatures that barely tickle when they crawl over your skin. Makes me shudder just to write the sentence. If you hoped they didn't survive the winter, forget that notion. They did and already, more than 50 cases of Lyme disease have been reported in Maine. Last year, more than 1,375 cases were reported, which was a record high for the state. Read more ...

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One Man's Ongoing Struggle with Lyme Disease

One Man's Ongoing Struggle with Lyme Disease

Michael Anderson recently wrote to me about his ongoing struggle with Lyme disease. He gave me permission to share his story, which I decided to do in his own words:

By Michael Anderson

Dear Diane,

Health Events in Maine May 5 to May 21

Conception and Beyond

Maine Medical Center
The Dana Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Spring Has Arrived in Maine and so Have the Farmers' Markets

Spring Has Arrived in Maine and so Have the Farmers' Markets

Saturday was such a beautiful day — perfect for a trip to the Farmers' Market at Deering Oaks Park in Portland. Yes, the season had begun. I couldn't help but take a few pictures. See more ...