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Morris Farm Cow(s) of the Month
Morris Farm Cow(s) of the Month

Reba (and Rosie)

When Reba was a young heifer and being unloaded at Alan and Candee’s farm in Missouri, she slipped off the ramp coming out of a truck and ran off across a field.  Eventually she turned up at the barn.  There she began her life as a dairy cow and mama cow, one of the Alan-Dee herd of registered Holsteins.  That was fifteen years ago, in a barn that was later demolished by a tornado (luckily with no loss of stock).  After that Reba was moved to New York and then later to Maine.  The well-traveled Reba has given birth to a total of 10 calves during her career as a mama.  And Rosie, pictured here under the straw, is her latest baby.  Rosie is a heifer and the spitting image of Reba.   Mother and daughter are doing well.

If you would like to see Reba and Rosie, drop by the Morris Farm.  Within the next few weeks you may be able to see several other calves.  A total of four calves are due this winter and spring.

The Morris Farm Trust is a 501c3 non-profit working and teaching farm located on Rte. 27 in Wiscasset. The farm offers diverse educational programming for young people and adults, including field trips, Summer Farm Camp and Backyard Farmer workshops. Special events include the annual Plant Sale, Local Foods Breakfasts and Lunches, Fiddle Day at the Farm, the Tour de Farms bicycle ride, and many more. For information about farm programs, call (207) 882-4080 or go to the website at

Some Cow Facts:  A mature Holstein cow weighs between 1,100 and 1,700 pounds.  A healthy calf weighs from 75-110 pounds at birth.  Gestation is about 10 months. 

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