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Additional Speakers for 25th Annual Camden Conference
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Additional Speakers for 25th Annual Camden Conference

The Camden Conference in February 2012, entitled “The U.S. in a 21st-Century World: Do We Have What It Takes?” has added three more speakers to the roster.

Given the importance of our country’s education programs, attendees will have the opportunity to gain insight into its successes and flaws from a leader of strategic thinking about education reform in the US.  As Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Robert Schwartz teaches the next leaders in the field and for years has advised private and government sectors in developing enlightened education policy and programs.  He brings forty years of seasoning in the complicated and often contentious fields of education reform, school-to-work concepts, educational standards programs and urban-school improvement efforts.  His experience can help refine our thinking about the value of change in our approach to educating our children. 

Captain Wayne Porter (USN) and Colonel Mark Mykleby (USMC Retired) were asked by Mike Mullen, recent Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to look far ahead for more effective ways to conduct our foreign policy and reduce overt militarization in US operations around the world.  These authors of the game changing ‘ Mr. Y’ report (4/2011) “A National Strategic Narrative” argue that America relies far too much on its military as the primary tool the rest of the world sees and far too little on what really counts—investment in intellectual capital built on a much stronger base of education, health and social services right here at home.  As that goes, they argue, so goes our country.  Porter and Mykleby will share the insights gained in studying these issues for several years and developing this important report.

The previously announced Conference speakers include former ambassador and Governor Bill Richardson, R. Nicholas Burns of Harvard’s Kennedy School, Deborah Amos of NPR, Clyde Prestowitz of the Economic Strategy Institute, Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and former governor Pete du Pont.

The 25th Camden Conference will be held February 17 to 19, 2012, at the Camden Opera House and satellite locations in Ellsworth (The Grand), Rockland (The Strand), and Belfast (Hutchinson Center). Tickets are currently on sale. For more information, go to or call 236-1034. 


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