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Summer is Here and Modern® Pest Services Offers Tips About Wasps
Summer is Here and Modern® Pest Services Offers Tips About Wasps

With the advent of summer, so too comes the advent of black flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies and most harmful, wasps. Wasps are a typical summertime issue for many homeowners throughout New England and Modern Pest Services offers wasp control services to help solve this troublesome problem.

Wasps can be classified as either solitary or social insects. Solitary wasps fly solo and generally won't bother humans unless provoked. Social wasps, on the other hand, congregate in swarms and once they form a nest, they will continue to return to that location and become a territorial nuisance. If stung, a wasp’s venom can cause serious and sometimes fatal allergic reactions in some people.

Wasp nests can often be difficult to locate because wasps can easily maneuver into small spaces, burrow into the ground, or build nests in the canopy of trees. However, Modern warns that nests are almost exclusively found in protected, shaded areas such as under eaves, porch roofs, decking, sheds and steps. Observing wasps’ flight patterns, particularly at dusk, can provide clues to locating their nest. Sometimes, wasp nests are discovered within the walls of a home which require special removal tactics.

"Once a colony of social wasps arrive, it is often difficult to get rid of them. It is best to leave wasp control to a trained pest management professional for not only safety reasons, but to also ensure the wasps don't return. They are extremely territorial," said Lou Saucier, Technical Specialist at Modern Pest Services.

Historically, professional traps have been a successful wasp control method because of their construction and placement. Made of the highest quality materials with specially designed apertures, Modern’s pest management professionals will place these traps strategically around properties, paying close attention to outdoor bars, gardens, outside eating areas, patios, and children's play areas. Then a pesticide-free liquid is used that lure wasps into the trap making an escape improbable. Modern also offers an organic spray which is applied directly to the nest and works to quickly kill the wasps. Typically, the treated nest is left in its original location, which provides an effective control measure for the future.

"Removing wasps from your property is not something to be taken lightly. As with other flying or stinging insects, wasps can be dangerous and potentially harmful when provoked. The safest and most effective way to remove them is by simply calling a professional pest control company," said Saucier.



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