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Why We Run: reaching a goal together

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- They're hundreds of miles apart, but Chris Carr and his father are logging the same miles and running for the same man.

"I think the hardest part for him was probably losing his strength over a couple of years and having just the process of going through different experimental procedures and everything he could to try to fix it," said Carr.

Carr's uncle passed away from cancer a few years ago.Carr and his father are running for the Dana-Farber Boston Marathon team. Chris is a sophomore in college at Bowdoin while his father lives in Maryland.

"The whole family has come together and been extremely supportive through fundraising and just motivating us….We train apart, but we can have this goal together," said Carr.

Carr ran the Boston Marathon last year, but was unable to finish the race due to the bombings, like many other runners. The disappointment and emotional toil kept him off the road.

"I really didn't run for about a month after. I kind of...wasn't sure how I felt about it," said Carr.

A year and hundreds of miles later, Chris believes he is ready and is determined to reach the finish line.

"Everybody can come together in one thing for one goal no matter what their motivation is. It'll be really cool to see everyone finish," he said.

For Carr and his father, there's a little extra motivation. They are running for a cure and to bring the family together.


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