Heidi Boyd is a mother, but she also created a popular line of craft kits. | News

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Heidi Boyd is a mother, but she also created a popular line of craft kits.

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NECN) -- Heidi Boyd's office is a crafter's paradise. The Brunswick wife and mother of three spends her workdays surrounded by colorful felts and fabrics, ribbon and string.

"I'm always making things and creating things. That's like living and breathing for me," she said.

Now the Maine craft designer's home-based business is poised for take-off.

Her Whimsy Kits have just been picked up by Barnes and Noble and Martha Stewart.

Each kit contains the materials and instructions to complete a stuffing-to-buttons craft project.

"All you need to do is open the bag and you should, in a few hours, be rewarded with a little whimsical creature," Boyd said holding up a plush narwhal.

She's already had success selling her kits on-line on "Etsy" and in quilting and sewing stores around Maine..

By next fall they'll also be on store shelves in 37 Barnes and Noble stores and featured in Martha Stewart's American Made on-line store.

"i'm excited," said Boyd. "Barnes and Noble came to us because they're launching a new craft line and our kits fit perfectly into their plans."

Boyd doesn't seem concerned about growing her business too rapidly.

"So far there's never been a a dire craft emergency," she joked.

As a designer, author, businesswoman, wife and mother she she's already adept at time management.

She's happy to help grow New England's creative economy.

"The felt manufacturer is from Massachusetts, our printer is local, the manufacturer hires local Maine women. So it feels good all the way around," she said.

Boyd hopes to give other busy people what crafting has always given her--the satisfaction that comes from making something with their own hands--minus the frustration.


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