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Cat recovering from severe burns, likely from car engine

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Coastal Humane Society is passing along an important message to drivers this time of year: make some noise before you start your car.

On Wednesday, the shelter performed emergency surgery on a young tabby cat with severe burns, from what they believe was a car engine or fan belt.

"We were skeptical at first during surgery about whether he would pull through, but you always give them a chance," said Amanda Baxter.

Small animals will often climb up under the hood of vehicles and nap in the warmth, especially during cold winter months. If drivers start their engines while the cat is still in there, it can either be burned or torn apart, which will also cause damage to the vehicle.

Frederick, as he's been deemed by the shelter, is lucky and healing well, but still has at least one more surgery in his future.

If his owners don't come forward, he'll be put up for adoption once he's fully healed and neutered.

His medical bills are already at $1,000 and only growing. The Coastal Humane Society is always accepting donations to help offset their costs; if you're interested in learning more, click here.


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