Neighbors of Bath explosion rocked out of bed | News

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Neighbors of Bath explosion rocked out of bed

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -It came without warning as many people slept.

Right next door the explosion at Duplex on Bluff Road rocked Harvey Lane out of bed.

"Lifted me right out of my bed. I jumped up to see what was going on. You could see the light from fire in my living room and I had glass all over my living room floor. It blew all my windows out", he said.

Outside debris from the explosion littered the top of his roof.

All of the neighbors we spoke with heard the long bang that woke them and they saw the building on fire. At first they weren't sure what happened.

"It was just a big ball of smoke. Everyone was around, didn't know what was going on. Fire trucks everywhere, ambulances. Everyone was shocked because they all just got woken up out of bed" , said neighbor Lisa King.

One person was killed, another was extremely lucky. The man that lived in the other unit destroyed by the blast left for work about a half hour before it happened.

"He just started a job this morning and I thought he was dead. I looked out there and thought he's gone, everybody there is gone because the whole building there just disintegrated into one big fire ball", Harvey Lane said.

As close as he was to the explosion, Lane says he feels lucky as well. He escaped his unit without any injuries.


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