Memorial Day parade rescued by volunteers

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There will be a Memorial Day parade in Bath after all, after volunteers rescued the canceled parade

The city's traditional parade was canceled after the local American Legion Post, which sponsors the parade, had to use thousands of dollars to pay a court fine for illegal gambling. The Bath post admitted it had been allowing people to win money on video poker machines at the Legion Hall, which is against state law.

The Assistant District Attorney said the practice had been going on for a number of years. Several weeks ago, the group agreed to pay roughly $18,000 in fines, taking away the money that would have been used to put on the parade.

The parade was saved Tuesday afternoon when Dan Eosco and Shawn McKenna, who organize the Bath Heritage Days parade each year, volunteered to pull together a parade for Memorial Day.

Bath resident wins $2 million Powerball prize

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Bath resident has turned $2 into $2 million after playing the Powerball from the Maine Lottery.

The lucky resident purchased a ticket for the May 6th Powerball drawing at Brackett's Market in Bath, selecting some of the numbers himself and allowing the computer to pick the rest. He also opted to spend an extra dollar to add the Power Play option to his ticket, which doubled his $1 million win to $2 million.

Steve & Kim Brackett, co-owners of Brackett's Market, were excited by the news that one of their customers had won. "We are thrilled that we sold the winning ticket and even more pleased that we're able to share this wonderful benefit with our employees," said Steve Brackett.

Lobstermobile to enjoy the good life in Maine

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A giant lobster car is making its way up the east coast to retire at the Maine Maritime Museum.

After a 15 year long career as the officials vehicle of the Boston Lobster Feast in Orlando, Florida, the "Lobstermobile" is coming to Maine to enjoy the good life.

Along the way up the coast, the car will be stopping to Savannah, Georgia, Myrtle Beach, Georgia, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. It will arrive in Bath, Maine on Tuesday, May 19.

The museum will have a retirement party for the Lobstermobile when it arrived and visitors will be able to check out the Volkswagen Bug.

American Legion pays tribute to a fallen hero

TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The American Legion Post #202 in Topsham has committed to carrying on the service and sacrifice of a fallen hero.

The local chapter held a rededication ceremony Saturday afternoon in honor of Sergeant Corey Garver.

Sergeant Garver was serving in Afghanistan in 2013 when his unit was ambushed. Although he brought his men to safety, he died shortly after when he stepped on a hidden IED.

"I see my son's blood and the blood of women and men who have given their life in over of the flag. I am so proud of my son for the brave soldier he became, the fine man he became" said Garver's mom Ellen.

With its new charter and purpose, the Legion hopes to redouble their efforts to assist the community.

MDEA dismantles one pot meth lab

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Members of the Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team dismantled a one pot meth lab Wednesday evening in Brunswick.

For the past month, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and Lisbon Police were investigating meth manufacturing done by Aric Hall, said the MDEA.

On Wednesday around 5:30 p.m., agents approached Hall after finding him in his vehicle at the Brunswick Lowes parking lot. The MDEA said Hall was cooperative and told officers there was an active "one pot" lab in his vehicle. Agents saw the alleged "one pot" on the passenger's side floor of the vehicle as well as materials indicating meth manufacturing.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said agents arrested Hall for manufacturing meth after and transported him to the Cumberland County Jail.

Woman re-arrested for violating bail conditions

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The State Fire Marshal's office has charged a woman for violating bail conditions in connection to a truck fire she's been charged with.

Lisa Green, 49, was charged with arson for setting a truck on fire in January 2014. She's been free on bail since her arrest and one of her bail conditions was to avoid any contact with the truck owner.

Investigators said Green and the truck owner were seen together in Brunswick earlier this week. Green was rearrested and taken to Cumberland County Jail.

Cat recovering from severe burns, likely from car engine

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Coastal Humane Society is passing along an important message to drivers this time of year: make some noise before you start your car.

On Wednesday, the shelter performed emergency surgery on a young tabby cat with severe burns, from what they believe was a car engine or fan belt.

"We were skeptical at first during surgery about whether he would pull through, but you always give them a chance," said Amanda Baxter.

Small animals will often climb up under the hood of vehicles and nap in the warmth, especially during cold winter months. If drivers start their engines while the cat is still in there, it can either be burned or torn apart, which will also cause damage to the vehicle.