First responders still learning lessons from Columbine tragedy

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's been more than 14 years since two gunmen opened fire on their classmates at Columbine High School in Colorado, killing thirteen people before killing themselves, but the emergency responders who were there that day are determined to help others learn from the tragedy.

"It was a tough day.  It is something that's embedded in my mind and it will be there forever," stated Jay Ruoff, division chief of operations for the Littleton, Colorado Fire and Rescue Department.

"We should have been ready for this.  We weren't ready," he admitted.  "We thought we were ready, but how do you train for this?  How do you plan for a school shooting?  And now, since the Columbine incident, I look at every school shooting that occurs and the main theme that comes out of that is, 'we never thought that this could happen in our community'."

Bath police warn of attempted abduction of 12 year old boy

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Police in Bath are on the lookout for a man who attempted to abduct a 12 year old boy.

Police say that around 3:00 PM Wednesday, a man driving a minivan tried to grab the 12 year old and pull him into the van. The boy managed to escape and ran off.

The man is described as being about 40, standing 5'9" tall with a long beard. Police say he's bald and was wearing ripped jeans and a gray shirt.

He was driving a grayish green minivan with a small antenna on the roof.

Bath Iron Works expected to lay off 118

BATH, Maine (AP) - More than 100 Bath Iron Works employees are expected to be laid off this week.

Dan Dowling, president of Local S6, told the Times Record newspaper that 50 preservation technicians, 27 pipefitters and 41 shipfitters will lose their jobs by Dec. 20.

BIW's communications director Jim DeMartini says the company will work with the union to see if some of the affected employees might find work in other trades.

He says he can't predict when or if the employees will be called back to work.

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Kids collecting coats for kids this winter

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For more than a dozen years, the St. John Catholic School in Brunswick has been collecting donations for our Coats for Kids campaign. The kids really enjoy doing it... but, it goes deeper than that.