Mass Die-off of Wood Frog Tadpoles Concerns Scientists

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Every spring, thousands of wood frogs make their way to Nat Wheelwright's half-acre pond to reproduce.

"These frogs are amazing," stated Wheelwright, a biology professor at Bowdoin College. "Most people don't even know that they are mating right in their backyards in early April if you live in a rural area."

The frogs leave behind hundreds of thousands of eggs which hatch into tadpoles, and over the course of the summer, those tadpoles mature into wood frogs.

"Life is hard for a tadpole," he explained. "Probably only one in a hundred makes it out of the pond."

Last year, he estimates there were hundreds of thousands of wood frog tadpoles in his small pond - which is unique because it has no fish in it.

Then, one day in mid-June, things changed.

Maine Woman Preparing to Kayak from Maine to Guatemala

OWLS HEAD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Deb Walters has made several journeys in her kayak that have tested her physically and mentally, but none will take as long, or take her as far, as the one she is set to embark on.

"When I tell people that I am going to kayak from Maine to Guatemala, they say you must be completely nuts!" she exclaimed.

Walters will be leaving from Portland's East End Beach on the afternoon of July 13th and hopes to travel the 2500 miles to Guatemala over the course of the next year.

"That's what I am hoping to be able to do, just by keeping at it a little bit, paddling a little bit each day," said the 63 year old grandmother.

"This is something I'm voluntarily doing, as opposed to the families that live in the garbage dump," she explained.

Brunswick police respond to jewelry robbery

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An alarm alerted Brunswick police to the an intruder at the Days Jeweler's in the Merry Meeting Mall Sunday. The alarm went off around 8:00 p.m. and when police arrived, it seemed the intruders were still inside the store.

Police said a key holder to the building arrived and let police enter. While inside, police determined the intruders had taken several items and had let before the police arrived.

Detectives recovered evidence and the Maine State Crime lab is processing it.

A 12-year-old girl pulled a fire alarm at a polling location in Brunswick.

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A 12-year-old girl was charged with felony criminal terrorizing Tuesday after allegedly pulling a fire alarm at a Brunswick polling area.

The girl pulled the fire alarm at Brunswick Junior High School around 10 a.m. Tuesday while residents voted in the school's gymnasium, according to Deputy Chief Marc Hagan. The school and the polling area were evacuated. The building was re-opened approximately 10 minutes after the alarm was pulled.

Police on scene interviewed students who told them the name of the girl who pulled the alarm.

The girl was charged Tuesday after her parents brought her to the Brunswick Police Department. She is scheduled to appear in West Bath District Court on Aug. 13.

Polls for Tuesday's primary election were left unattended for no more than three minutes, according to police.

Portland attorney donating $50,000 to Sweetser

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Portland attorney has announced a generous donation to support Sweetser's Learning and Recovery Center.

Daniel Lilley is giving a $50,000 donation in memory of his late son, David A. Lilley.

Lilley said that he and his wife are "assured that with this gift, this facility will remain open for another year and provide the peer support service to those people with health issues that have stalled their lives." Lilley's son was killed in an automobile accident when he was 18.

Sweeter leadership are coordinating the grant funding support with DHHS leadership.

Coastal Humane Society holds "Midnight Madness"

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Coastal Humane Society opened its doors at midnight Saturday night to help place 100 dogs and cats into new homes.

"Midnight Madness" is the kickoff to their summer goal of getting more than 800 pets adopted.

The event was open from midnight until 4 A.M., and it opened again at 10 A.M. The shelter is one of 50 competing in a nationwide competition to get the most animals adopted. The winner will receive a $100,000 prize.

And by 4:45 P.M. on Sunday afternoon, the shelter had completed its goal.

For more information about adoption, head to their website.

Chinese students visit elementary in Brunswick

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The largest battle of the American Civil War came to life today on the playground of an elementary school in Brunswick. The reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg was part of 5th grade project.

It's the most famous and most important Civil War battle.

Using wooden guns loaded with flour to look like gunsmoke.. these 5th graders at Stowe Elementary are taking their roles in the battle of Gettysburg very seriously.

These 5th graders are studying the Civil War. Something this student feels every student should learn about.

Confederate and Union soldiers engage in hand to hand combat, depicting Pickett's charge the third and final day of the battle..