Korin Nickerson

Korin Nickerson is an active member in PALS (Peers Assisting and Leading Students) and is the student leader for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is a two-year president of the Mt. Ararat High School Interact Club, Rotary International's Youth Service Program.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and a library volunteer.

A look at news coming up for the week of Monday, October 17

(NEWS CENTER) - A look at news coming up for the week of Monday, October 17

MONDAY - Through the course of the week there will be a chance for people to get free dental care in Machias. Dental care providers from NYU's College of Dentistry, the Washington County Children's Program and Caring Hands of Maine have put the clinic together. This is the 3rd free clinic to serve the area. 1,000+ children and adults have been served by the other two. The clinic will be held at the Lee Pellon Event Center.

Wiscasset residents prove they want the Raceway to stay

WISCASSET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In a last ditch effort to save what was once known as the "Center of Speed" in Maine, volunteers in the Wiscasset community organized races at the Wiscasset Raceway today.

This event allows the town noise ordinance to be effective for at least another year; something that needs to be in place to attract potential buyers.  An estimated 2,000 spectators sat in the bleachers to watch up to 180 race cars circle the track. But these drivers may not get paid. Admission fees will go to sponsors first, then whatever is left over will be divided among the drivers.

"Hopefully someone sitting here in the grandstands that sees that this place can work," Dale Chadborne of Woolwich, said. "The pits are full, every pad has got a car sitting on it. People are walking around that we haven't seen in years."

Bowdoin College erects Earth-friendly roof

BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) -- Bowdoin College says it has a cool new rooftop for its heating plant.

The college says planting materials for the Brunswick campus' first living, or "green," roof arrived Tuesday. They were hoisted to the top of the building that houses the college's high-efficiency, low-emissions boiler than can burn natural gas and No. 2 heating oil.

The roof, which is covered with a variety of flowering plants, reduces the urban "heat island" effect, extends the life of the roof and absorbs rain water. And as a side benefit, it doesn't make for a bad view from the upper floors of the nearby Buck Center.

Bowdoin has a mission statement to be mindful of its impact on the environment of coastal Maine.

Go-kart death still under investigation

NEWCASTLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The death of an Anah Shriner who was driving a go-kart yesterday in Damariscotta's Pumpkinfest Parade is still under investigation.

Officials from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office believe the ramp that 59-year-old Marvin Tarbox Jr. was driving over broke and caused Tarbox to lose control of the go-kart on Main Street in Newcastle.

Tarbox was part of a performance that involved driving go-karts on a ramp that was arched over an SUV. Will Monsell witnessed the event and said he saw the go-kart flip over. Two go-karts that were following him then plowed into Tarbox.  Monsell believes the steepness of the ramp prevented the drivers from being able to stop.

Maine towns face Irene grant application deadlines

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- Maine towns and cities are facing a pair of deadlines to apply for federal grants to repair damage from Hurricane Irene, which was a tropical storm by the time it dumped flooding waters on the state in late August and lashed it with damaging winds.

State officials and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) say Maine city, town and county governments, school districts and certain private nonprofits soon must submit their requests for up to 75 percent of the cost of approved projects FEMA will pay.

The deadlines for Franklin, Oxford and York counties will be Thursday, and for Lincoln County Oct. 24.

Private nonprofits that may qualify are those that provide public, government-like services such as educational, utility, emergency, medical and custodial care.

Wall St. investment group helps grow Maine jobs

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Will small business and innovation pull Maine out of recession and grow new jobs? A big Wall Street investment company is betting on it.

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation, created by the Blackstone Group, has announced a $3 million grant to help grow new jobs in Maine. The Foundation calls it "Accelerate Growth," and is targeting the money at several existing programs that provide mentoring and other assistance to entrepreneurs and innovative small businesses.

The company's CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, told the audience at Brunswick Landing the growing Maine's innovative economy can create ten thousand new jobs in the next ten years-and that's the Foundation's goal for the project.