Bikers ride to raise money for ALS awareness

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Hope-JG Foundation partnered with the Motorcycle Riders of Maine for a special event on Sunday.

Hope-JG Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to helping families living with ALS and other neuromuscular diseases. The money raised at Sunday's ride will go toward building a home for people with disabilities.

Event organizers said their hope is that is more people will become aware of the diseases and become inspired to help.

Visit Hope JG's website to learn more or to donate.

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Bowdoin student arrested for alleged rape

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Bowdoin College student was arrested after being accused of raping another student on campus.

The Portland Press Herald reports that 21-year-old Logan Taylor was arrested Sunday morning after talking to Brunswick Police. The alleged assault took place several hours earlier.

Taylor was transported to the Cumberland County Jail and was charged with gross sexual assault. He's being held on a $1,000 cash bail.

Read more at the Portland Press Herald's website.

Anger builds among unionized workforce at Bath Iron Works

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Shipbuilders at Bath Iron Works gave the boot more than 10-years ago to a contract providing incentives for shipbuilders to learn tasks outside their area of expertise. Now anger is boiling over again as a new shipyard president tries again to boost efficiency by having workers perform additional tasks, and to try to hire subcontractors for more items.

President Fred Harris has warned the shipbuilder may slash 1,200 jobs if it fails to win a contract to build Coast Guard cutters.

He contends cost-cutting measures are necessary to be competitive for those contracts, which would be the first Coast Guard ships built along the Kennebec River since the 1930s.

Bath Iron Works awarded $11.3M defense contract modification

BATH, Maine (AP) - The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded Bath Iron Works an $11.3 million contract modification to work on maintenance systems for the entire littoral combat ship program.

The contract modification was awarded Tuesday to General Dynamics, the parent company of BIW, by the Navy's Southwest Regional Maintenance Center in San Diego.

The shipyard, which has historically worked on destroyers and cruisers for the military, has been trying to diversify its product lines as the Navy changes its fleet's composition.

Littoral combat ships are smaller and more agile than destroyers and are designed for operations close to shorelines.

The ships can be built for about $450 million, as opposed to $1.7 billion for Arleigh Burke destroyers. BIW has built more than half of the Arleigh Burke destroyers in the Navy's fleet.

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Memorial Day parade rescued by volunteers

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There will be a Memorial Day parade in Bath after all, after volunteers rescued the canceled parade

The city's traditional parade was canceled after the local American Legion Post, which sponsors the parade, had to use thousands of dollars to pay a court fine for illegal gambling. The Bath post admitted it had been allowing people to win money on video poker machines at the Legion Hall, which is against state law.

The Assistant District Attorney said the practice had been going on for a number of years. Several weeks ago, the group agreed to pay roughly $18,000 in fines, taking away the money that would have been used to put on the parade.

The parade was saved Tuesday afternoon when Dan Eosco and Shawn McKenna, who organize the Bath Heritage Days parade each year, volunteered to pull together a parade for Memorial Day.

Bath resident wins $2 million Powerball prize

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Bath resident has turned $2 into $2 million after playing the Powerball from the Maine Lottery.

The lucky resident purchased a ticket for the May 6th Powerball drawing at Brackett's Market in Bath, selecting some of the numbers himself and allowing the computer to pick the rest. He also opted to spend an extra dollar to add the Power Play option to his ticket, which doubled his $1 million win to $2 million.

Steve & Kim Brackett, co-owners of Brackett's Market, were excited by the news that one of their customers had won. "We are thrilled that we sold the winning ticket and even more pleased that we're able to share this wonderful benefit with our employees," said Steve Brackett.

Lobstermobile to enjoy the good life in Maine

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A giant lobster car is making its way up the east coast to retire at the Maine Maritime Museum.

After a 15 year long career as the officials vehicle of the Boston Lobster Feast in Orlando, Florida, the "Lobstermobile" is coming to Maine to enjoy the good life.

Along the way up the coast, the car will be stopping to Savannah, Georgia, Myrtle Beach, Georgia, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. It will arrive in Bath, Maine on Tuesday, May 19.

The museum will have a retirement party for the Lobstermobile when it arrived and visitors will be able to check out the Volkswagen Bug.